About Us

The professional team at Fermin Unzueta Janitorial Service is dedicated to the cleaning industry and providing customers with exceptional janitorial services. We have over a decade in experience and have been proud to serve the community as a top commercial cleaning company. We never skip steps when cleaning your space because we know how important it is that your business looks fresh every day whether you manage commercial buildings or you run an office that has regular visits from clients.

A Quality Cleaning Service

Over the years we have always designed our commercial janitorial services with the customer in mind to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Our staff is professional, and our customers are satisfied because we show up on time and we’re prompt and thorough for every commercial cleaning project you’ve enlisted us for. We respect your space when we are performing our office cleaning duties, and we value your time as a customer so we make sure we don’t waste a moment when getting to work.

No Corner Is Left Untouched

We arrive prepared to work with the equipment, products, and techniques to begin the janitorial cleaning process right away. We pay close attention to the details, and we know the best methods to ensure each job is thoroughly completed. We leave no corner untouched when performing commercial cleaning, and that sets us apart from the competition. We’re passionate about our job and we’re dedicated to providing you with outstanding results for office cleaning. We love leaving customers with a clean and fresh workspace that they are proud to entertain clients in, and we can handle a variety of your commercial cleaning needs.

Convenient and Easy to Reach

We make ourselves convenient and easy to get ahold of because we know that you have a busy schedule. We’re punctual and leave your space consistently cleaned. Plus, we save you time and money with our affordable commercial janitorial cleaning services. Let us take the job of cleaning off of your list so that you can focus on more important things. You’ll realize right away the difference we make as we strive for excellence, and leave you with a spotless space.


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Chicago IL. 60628

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