Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

You may not inspect your floor often, but when you do you will probably find that it has taken quite a beating over time, especially in high traffic areas. Our team provides customers with professional floor stripping and waxing services and we will get your floor looking fantastic again. When your floor is waxed, you’ll find that it makes the entire room look clean and attractive again. You can call us to handle all of your cleaning needs, or you can simply enlist our services when you are looking for floor waxing companies near me.

What You Can Expect from Our Services

When you hire our company for the stripping and waxing services, you can expect our team to show up on time, prepared with the right equipment and products, and be completely trained on the techniques. We don’t waste any time getting started because we know that you are ready to enjoy your beautifully waxed floor. No matter what size your commercial waxing project is for your floor, call us to handle the job for you.

Our Process for Stripping and Waxing Tile Floors

We start the process by removing the top coast of buildup that occurs over time to your floor. This will rid it of the dirt stains and grime or even left over wax, and a bare floor will be revealed. Then we apply a high quality sealer and a few new coats of wax. We can then buff the floors after they’ve been waxed to bring out the shine!

Let Us Know When You’re Ready for an Estimate

When you call us for floor stripping and waxing pricing, we’ll be straightforward and listen to your budget. We are unique from other floor stripping and waxing companies in that we specialize in commercial floors and can take on those large and daunting projects. We have over ten years of experience behind us and we have learned a lot in that time. Our services are refined and respected in the community, and we look forward to continuing our stripping and waxing services for years to come.


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